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Trust God

I have an unbelievable relationship with God!  Unbelievable in the fact that
God is with me; He meets my needs often before I even know there is a need.  
I believe it is because I trust God – not enough I know – but I am on the path
of Trust.  Here are just two examples:

When my wife was in the hospital and underwent emergency surgery
for internal bleeding from her heart in August 2012, I was by myself
in the hospital.  I had my Bible, and I read and prayed.  Hours passed.  
Then Rev. Dr. Olsen, a retired minister and Man of God, came to visit.  
He did not know Donna was in surgery, but he came to simply visit.  
He stayed with me for hours until Donna was out of recovery and into
Intensive Care.  God sent him to reassure me and calm my fears.  

As many know, I have a small business.  The years 2010-2012  
were devastating; I have had to lay off my son, my son-in-law, my
daughter.  The economy set our business back ~ 10 years with sales
plummeting more than 50%.  Yet God knows our needs and provides
income; sometimes from the strangest places.  For example, a long
time customer in Ghana who sends $20,000; or a domestic company
that has started production of a new model and needs 10 systems.

Sometime ago a woman, who called Proverbs Men,  stated that she had prayed
but her prayers were never answered.  That seems strange, because so often
my prayers are answered.  Why the difference?

I believe the answer is simply because I trust God.  God doesn’t
owe me an answer, and I do not keep track of what he does
and doesn’t answer.   I simply know that He loves me, He leads
me, He disciplines me.  He will never leave me – and so I trust

Proverbs 3 states;

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart
   And lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him
    And He will make your paths straight.”