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PROVERBS 27 - Spiritual Growth

17 As iron sharpens iron,
so one man sharpens another.

This is a key verse. Spiritual growth is God's plan. God puts us thru trials and temptations to help us grow and mature spiritually. This process is sanctification. He helps us grow so that we will be more useful to Him. Personal Bible study and prayer each day is necessary for spiritual grow, but we cannot grow spiritually by ourselves. We need other Christian men who are willing to encourage, teach, and even admonish us if we react to circumstances in an un-Christian manner. A men's Bible study is one way of being with other men to increase your understanding (knowledge of God) and spiritual growth. An accountability group is another way; three or four Christian men who meet weekly to encourage and to hold each other accountable to Christian values.

19 As water reflects a face
So a man's heart reflects the man.

As we grow spiritually, our heart changes. Our goal becomes one of pleasing God - not ourselves. We learn to pray for our enemy. We learn to see how God has worked in our lives even during difficult times to shape us for His purpose. We learn to get rid of anger, lust, and envy. We learn to control our tongue. We learn to love other people even those we find unlovable; those who try our patience or make us angry. Our actions and our words are done to honor and glorify God not ourselves.
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Our Prayer

God help us to grow spiritually 
so that we may please You. That is our purpose. This we ask 
in the name of Your Son, Jesus, our Savior.