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PROVERBS 13 - Listening

Have you noticed that many of the Proverbs start with a common theme - listening to instructions. Proverbs 13 is no different.

13:1 A wise son heeds his father's instruction
But a mocker does not listen to rebuke.

In our culture, people rarely accept advice; so advice is rarely given. Correcting someone's behavior is not common. This is seen when adults have obscene behavior at football games, teens on college vacation weeks, or children having temper tantrums. One could say we groom bad behavior from children's video games that show violence and abuse of women to colleges that require co-ed floors and now even rooms.

But as so often in the Bible there are two meanings. The word "father" means our earthly father; but it also means our heavenly Father. Our father can only teach us so much, then our Father God becomes the teacher as we open our heart to His teachings. These are the teachings of Proverbs as well as the other books in the Bible. We are truly blessed to have a Father who wants the very best for us and is willing and patient with us to teach us His Way.
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