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PROVERBS 11 - Real Men of God

Proverbs 11 encourages men to:

                    11:1 Be Honest
                    11:2 Be Humble
                    11:3 Have Integrity
                           Be Faithful
                    11:4 Be Righteous
                    11:9 Be Godly
                    11:12 Be Understanding
                    11:13: Be Trustworthy
                    11:15 Be Kind-hearted
                    11: 18 Sow Righteousness
                    11:20 Ask Forgiveness
                    11:22 Be Discrete
                    11:25 Be Generous
                    11:26 Share
                    11:27 Seek Good
                    11:28 Trust God
                    11:30 Be Fruitful

What a gem! The wisdom of God as written by Solomon just for us!   Proverbs 11 are the characteristics of a righteous man.

Think about what this world would be like if all men had these characteristics. Now think what your family would be like if you exhibited these characteristics. We simply change the world one man at a time - let it start with us.
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Our Prayer

please help us to be real Men of God. Help us to 
be a light 
for our families, especially our sons, our friends, our fellow workers, and 
all men. 
This we ask in Jesus name. Amen.

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