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Our Prayer

Lord, please strengthen us with Your Holy Words. Please help us to see the long term problems created by sexual sin and to turn from this temptation. 
This we ask in Jesus' name. 
Read Proverbs 5
PROVERBS 5 - Warnings Against Adultery

In Proverbs 5, the father Solomon is pleading with his sons to beware of adulteress. Solomon had approximately 700 wives and 300 concubines; it was his failure. This is the area where he had wisdom but lacked will power. The corruption of the false gods brought into Israel by his wives were the downfall of nation of Israel.

The adulteress may be a prostitute, a married woman, a single woman or any temptation that is wrong in God's eyes. Sexual immorality of any kind is damaging. Sex, outside of marriage, destroys the ability to trust someone. In married couples, it destroys the family. In all situations, it erodes a person's ability to love.

God gave us Ten Commandments for our own good. (Ref: Exodus 20) The Seventh Commandment says, "Thou shall not commit adultery." Think about the impact of all men keeping this one single commandment. There would be few divorces; families would be stronger. Men would be honorable. Our nation, our world would be stronger.
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