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Be Fruitful

 30 “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life,
       and he who wins souls is wise. “

What an awesome verse.  It summarizes what we as Christian Men are to do.  It is the product of wisdom.  

I recently attended a Memorial  Service for Bill Mundo - a close friend, a Proverbs Man, a brother in Christ, a mentor to me.  Bill and I would do a Bible Study at the County Jail and we would go to the nursing home together.  I met the woman, Sally, who had brought his wife, Dale, and then Bill to Christ.  Then Bill and Dale brought their children and their grandchildren to Christ.    Jesus commanded us with the Great Commission.  Think of the impact Sally had on the Mundo family!  One person shared the Gospel – it has affected at least 3 generations.

In the Jewish culture, mother and father passed on the wisdom of Solomon to their children.  It was a given that they would read and share God’s Word and the Love of God.    As parents, as godly men we must not neglect that responsibility.  It is the greatest gift that we can share with our children.  Help them to open that gift.

In the Book of Daniel, it says that after Daniel was taken to Babylon and prepared for service to King Nebebuchadnezzer; as a young man he was found to be 10x wiser in matters of wisdom.  How?  I believe the answer is simple.  Daniel was from the royal family of King Jehoiakim in Jerusalem.  As a youth, he probably studied the thousands of Proverbs written by Solomon approximately 400 years earlier.  And God blessed him!

Help others ---- be fruitful.  Share your faith and the wisdom of Solomon with the youth you know.