“Seeking Wisdom, Trusting God”

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Proverbs Men
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Proverbs Men
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The  Heart of a Proverbs Man

How can the enemy take us captive – by simply
putting out our light.  Jesus said to let our light shine;
yet Christians have many of the same attributes
of our fallen world.   By us losing the characteristics
that God wants most in us.  

Proverbs Men selected 12 characteristics from Proverbs 11
that define a Godly Man; these are:

Reaching in:
· Be Honest
· Have Integrity
· Be Righteous

Reaching out to our neighbor
· Be Understanding (knowledge of God)
· Be Trustworthy
· Be wary
· Be Kindhearted

Reaching Up to God
· Ask forgiveness
· Be Generous
· Be Fruitful
· Trust God